Is there Anything?

Is there really anthing at all?

All things known to us are in a constant state of flux.

Heraclitus wrote, panta rei "everything flows".

What we view as "reality" is a a constant, everchanging process where things have no "fixed" identity in Time. All things are processes, never actually "themselves".

They are neither Something nor Nothing, so are they Anything at all?

But even if things are figments of our imagination, they are still THAT, which is Something, and hence more than Nothing.

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Is there a Beginning?

Things have beginnings and ends, but is the Universe really a thing?

How could the Universe have a beginning?

and what preceded that beginning?

Beginnings and ends involve the concept of Time.

Can Time ever have started, or has Time always existed?

If Time started, how did it start?

But if Time has always existed, then the Universe can have no beginning…and also no end.

But how could something simply be, without having any origin at all?

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Something or Nothing?

At the root of all inquiry are the questions of something or nothing.

Could the universe have started out of nothing?

But how could nothing lead to something?

On the other hand, if the universe started out of something, then WHERE did that something come from? WHO made it, and WHO made the maker? etc.

And WHAT was that something if it were more than nothing?


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This is the Beginning?

In the beginning, the world was like a blank sheet of paper – either it was all white, or it was all black – either infinite white or black nothingness – either eternal light or eternal blackness – either a world absolutely full to the brim or a world absolutely empty of anything – either a world without limits or a world totally limited – either a world without walls or a world which was a wall without end – either a world containing life or containing no life (depending on how we define "life")….

Whether the world was complete or incomplete,

WHERE was it?

WHEN was it?

and WHAT was it?

and HOW did it lead to US?

When people of all nations of the world speak of GOD,

they are trying to attempt to answer those questions.

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